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its time for me to get myself a new job, was thinking about warehouse work or something like that but not shore what.(any idea anyone?) just looking for some easy job so i can get some money together and go travleing next year.
i got back on sunday and although its nice being back now, i just want to be off traveling around the world!!! Don't care where it is just don't want to be suck in this hole that we call chelmsford. Going away has made me understand just how small this place really is and how i want to go off and see new parts of the world. if people out there have never got traveling before id strongly recommend it!!! your have the time of your life, god knows i did!
Yer baby im of to the states, il see you cats later!!!!!!!!!!!
Its allmost time to say goodbye and get my ass out of this country. still hasn't hit home yet, and dont think it will till i get on the plaine. know there's things il miss, my friends, family, our food, and all that jazz but know il have a blow out summer, so its all good. if you had the choise what would you do? work here or in the states then go sightseeing?
Hay hay,

I'm almost off the the states (2day, 4hours & 31min and counting) got my flight info and all sorts now. it still hasn't hit home that i'm going yet, don't thing it will till i get to the airport. this is going to be the longest two days of my life. feel like it use to at chrimas when i was 5years old, just want to go now but i guess il just have to wait!
hello peps,
just starting out with the hole journal thing, but sounds like a good way to talk to mates and stuff. off to america in 5 days now and cant bloody wait now, I'm off to do camp america and by the sound of it I'm going to have the summer of my life, beats working a 9-5 for a living anyway!